2020 Self Care with Painless Motus AX Hair Removal

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Laser Hair removal just got so much better with the Motus AX. The first high-speed Alexandrite laser that makes it possible for all skin types to be treated painlessly.  With the Motus AX Moveo handpiece, laser energy destroys the hair pigment and thanks to the built-in sapphire cooling tip, you're completely comfortable for the entire treatment. Motus AX Moveo laser hair removal works on any skin type, and it takes about half the time of other hair removal lasers, all for roughly the same cost. Call for more info 248.254.3246 #revivemedicalspas #cartessaaesthetics

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Must be 18 or older, cannot be combined with other offers, while supply lasts.

Ardis Schmitt, RN RN, BSN, and CEO Of Revive Medical Spas

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