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Chances are, your eye puffiness and darkness could be inherited.  The under eye area is one of the thinner skin areas and is easily neglected in basic skin care or treated too harshly.  Many times there is a strong genetic component to dark circles.  Much of the reason you have those dark circles is that of your parents' had their own thin transparent skin. Sometimes you have them because of an increase in pigment in that area which could have occurred earlier in your life. 

If you have dark circles, Revive provides a treatment plan to decrease the appearance of your dark circles and under eye bags.  Revive does this by stimulating your cell repair and turnover.  We stimulate more collagen production to reduce the transparency and darkness under the skin below your eyes.  Using a combination treatment of filler, Radio Frequency (RF) MicroNeedling and our CoolPeel Laser we can help reduce those fine lines. bags and dark circles under your eyes.  Ask about our under eye treatment package at your next visit or call 248.254.3246 to learn more.


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Revive™ Medical Spa offers online purchase of top-quality medical grade skin care products to address skin concerns and conditions. We have selected products containing highly effective, active ingredients supported by research and clinical studies.  Revive skin care line is offered exclusively through our Medical Spa and this Website to ship directly to you. 

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