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Nail fungus is an incredibly common condition that can negatively affect your fingernails and toenails. When not appropriately treated, a fungal infection can become painful and permanently damage your nail. At Revive Medical Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Ardis Schmitt, RN, BSN, and the team provide safe, targeted laser treatments to remove nail fungus. To schedule an appointment today for expert fingernail and toenail fungus treatment, call the office or book a consultation online.

Toenail Fungus Treatment Q&A

Why do I need fingernail and toenail fungus treatment?

Getting rid of nail fungus will give you the confidence to expose your feet and hands again. Moreover, proper treatment can prevent complications like pain and permanent damage to your nails.

If you have diabetes or another condition that makes you more susceptible to illness, it's medically necessary to receive fingernail or toenail fungus treatment. Immunocompromised people are at a higher risk for a more serious infection if they do not get the proper care.

People who live with family members that have such conditions should also be proactive about getting prompt treatment for nail fungus. Because fungus spreads through contact, you can put others at risk.

The providers at Revive Medical Spa are experts in laser nail therapy and offer the most state-of-the-art toenail fungus laser treatments using the Motus AY laser by Cartessaâ„¢ which has a five-star client care rating. In no time, you'll wear open-toe shoes, walk on the beach barefoot, and get a mani-pedi without discomfort.

What are the advantages of laser treatments for toenail fungus?

The providers at Revive Medical Spa offer laser treatments with the FDA cleared Motus AY Laser for nail fungus as an alternative to systemically toxic antifungal medications. With lasers, you can avoid a 12-week course of oral antifungal medications that cause side effects.

Additionally, laser treatment can still be a good option if you have a more severe case. This advanced therapy allows you to dodge a procedure with anesthesia and a more extended recovery period.

Usually, you only need four laser treatments over four weeks to see results and get clear nails. The laser light is safe and targets the fungus under the nail and does not harm the nail or surrounding skin.

As part of your treatment plan for toenail fungus, you will also receive foot care products to help maintain your healthy feet.

How does laser removal of fingernail and toenail fungus work?

Laser nail fungus removal at Revive Medical Spa uses the newest medical technology to kill nail fungus growing under your fingernails or toenails. The practice uses the Motus AY Laser, which is backed by research and proven to be safe and effective.

The comfortable laser procedure takes 20-30 minutes to treat all toes or fingers. The laser nail treatment is typically performed in four treatments, spaced one week apart, for the best results.

Following each treatment, your provider will provide you with aftercare instructions. 

After your fourth treatment, you can expect the fungus to be eliminated. Once this happens, your nails will begin the process of new growth. Over time, new healthy nails will appear from the base with an improved appearance.

In the months ahead, your nails will continue to improve, and new growth will continue. At between eight and twelve months, you will have a new fingernail or toenail. The process is a fast and non-invasive way to get rid of nail fungus without harmful oral medications.

If you would like to schedule your visit with the expert team at Revive Medical Spa, book online or call the office to ask about the breakthrough laser treatment for fingernail and toenail fungus.