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Diamond Glow Facials

Revive™ Medical Spa

Medical Spa located in Farmington Hills, MI

This 3-in-1 facial will be your next go-to treatment. 

Diamond Glow is the Gold Standard Facial


This 3-in-1 facial will be your next go-to treatment. Microdermabrasion helps to exfoliate away dead skin cells, while suction helps to remove impurities such as excess sebum and blackheads from the pores all while infusing a customized serum into the skin.


  • Ideal for all skin types: Rosacea, Sensitive, Dry, Dehydrated, Acne, Aging, Brightening, or Hyperpigmentation



Want to take your Diamond Glow treatment to the next level? You get all of the benefits of the Diamond Glow itself while adding additional dermaplaining. extractions and a customized treatment mask. You also get access to upgraded serums during your Diamond Glow treatment

  • Ideal for first-timers, people who have deeper blackheads or pimples, or if you are looking to pamper your skin this is the treatment for you

What is DiamondGlow™?

DiamondGlow™ (Dermalinfusion) is a treatment that utilizes microdermabrasion which is a way of gently removing the stratum corneum, the dead outer protective layer of the skin. This layer of skin provides a bit of a barrier protection to the sun and anything that comes into contact with the skin, but over time as our skin cells turn over, we accumulate excessive dead skin resulting in a dull lackluster appearance of skin and decreased absorption and effectiveness of any skincare products. Exfoliating and buffing away the skin is the key to maintaining a healthy glowing complexion.

Hydrodermabrasion uses water-based medical-grade serums in conjunction with the diamond tip dermabrasion, at the moment the skin is exfoliated it is most permeable for products and will soak up product like a sponge. The serums will ease and loosen up extractions gently unplugging clogged pores painlessly. DiamondGlow™ allows us to simultaneously infuse products that can hydrate, lighten, tighten pores and reduce acne or fortify so that the procedure is really 3 in one; Exfoliate, Extract, and Infuse. Just 1 treatment will enhance clarity and luminosity, But even better you'll see continued improvement with each treatment!