Vivace Radiofrequency Fractional MicroNeedling

Face and body treatments

Vivace is everything. This is how fractional RF MicroNeedling works to remodel your skin’s collagen. 36 gold micro-needles pass through the epidermis into the dermal layer where Vivace then pulses radio frequency energy to heat and wound the dermis.  This action causes production of new collagen. The 36 channels created by the micro-needles with every pulse create a pathway where we introduce growth factors to further remodel your skin. As the channels close your face lifts and tightens your skin. Pores, scars and stretch marks diminish. Your results start at treatment time and continue over three months as your skin generates new collagen and turns over it’s older top layers of the epidermis. Call for your complementary consult 248.254.3246 #revivemedicalspas

Ardis Schmitt, RN RN, BSN, and CEO Of Revive Medical Spas

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