November 20th 2019 is National Botox Day and Revive is Celebrating!

Wednesday, November 20th is National Botox Day!  We are celebrating! Come to Revive this day between 11am and 7pm and draw for a chance to win a YEAR of Botox!  That’s right 200 units of Botox!  Have some cider and a nibble and we will cheer you on!  We are so excited and hope you are too! So set your alarm and mark those calendars because someone is going to be a BIG BOTOX Winner!

Restrictions - one chance per client, winner must be used between Jan. 6th and Dec. 15th, non-transferable, Revive staff and family excluded.


Botox Cosmetic appointments are now booking into December. Call now to get on the calendar for your pre-holiday treatments. 

Call 248.254.3246 or book at @

Ardis Schmitt, RN RN, BSN, and CEO Of Revive Medical Spas

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