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Fingernail and Toenail Fungus Infection Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment with Laser

Revive is known for it’s cutting edge medical technology and we now offer the newest effective FDA Cleared nail fungus treatment.  Let Revive help you regain your healthy nails and feet.

Experience our fingernail and toenail fungus treatments using our FDA cleared Motus AY Laser which research shows is the most effective way to cure nail fungus.  Our laser nail therapy specializes in fingernail and toenail fungus treatment. Our certified laser technicians can successfully treat your nail fungus. 

Fingernail and toenail fungus infections are unsightly and embarrassing – the infected nails becomes yellow, thick and hard to cut. Although nail fungus infections are very common, they can be very difficult to treat. Until recently, the most common treatment for toenail fungus was taking pills that might cause liver toxicity. But several years of research gave birth to a much safer solution: The Motus AY Laser. This safe, quick laser treatment has been researched and proven to be a very effective cure for toenail fungus and fingernail fungus infections.  In one study after only 4 treatments over 4 weeks, 95% of the subjects studied had their fungus cleared at 12 months.

Fingernail and Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Getting rid of nail fungus will give you the confidence to expose your feet and hands again. Put those open toe shoes again, walk on the beach barefoot, and even get that mani/pedi again!  Our providers offer expertise curing toenail fungus.  Revive Medical Spa’s  Laser Nail Therapy offers state-of-the-art toenail fungus laser treatments, combined with our five star client care.

The Advantages of Our Laser Treatments

Laser nail fungus treatments are a major breakthrough, bringing new hope to millions of clients. Our experienced providers have successfully treated our clients with toenail fungus.  Contact us if you would like to hear how our providers can help treat your toenail fungus. Click here to schedule your complementary consultation at

How Does Laser Fingernail and Toenail Fungus Removal Work?

Laser nail fungus removal at Revive Medical Spa uses the newest medical technology to kill nail fungus that is growing under either your finger nails or toenails. The comfortable laser procedure takes 20-30 minutes to treat both feet and all toes or hands. The Laser nail treatment is typically performed in a series of 4 treatments, spaced 1 week apart, for the best results.

Following each treatment, you will be provided with aftercare instructions. After your fourth treatment your fungus is typically alleviated, your nails will begin the process of new growth and over time new healthy nails will appear from the base with an improved appearance.

In the months ahead, your nails will continue to improve, new growth will continue and at between 8 and 12 months you will have a new nail. It’s a fast, easy, and noninvasive way to get rid of nail fungus without oral medications that might be harmful to your body.

Q & A

About Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a fungal infection of the nail and nail bed. This should be differentiated from athlete’s foot in which the fungus infects the skin of the feet. About half of the fungal infections occur as a result of nail disorders. Therefore, the infection is much more common under sick or deformed toenails.

Nail fungus sheds from the nail and spreads all over your house. This fungus shedding can cause fingernail and toenail infections to other nails and to members of your household. Therefore, the biggest danger is hurting the people you love.

Nail infection is usually very persistent and requires complicated treatment to restore the clear nail. In addition, Toenail Fungus Infections may cause embarrassment because of the deformed nails. Toenail Fungus signs include a thickened nail plate or nail bed, yellow discoloration of the nails, foot pain and bad foot odor. The nails often become thick and fragile and can detach from the nail bed.

Nail fungus usually starts at the distal end of the fingernail or toenail. The infection then spreads to the proximal end of the nail towards the nail bed. Finally, the fungal infection spreads to other nails, but rarely infects all of them. Candida and Dermatophytes are the most common fungi causing nail infections. But mostly, the combination of fungi and a moist environment can speed up the fungus growth. Individuals with a weak immune system, such as diabetic patients and elderly people, are more susceptible to nail fungus.


To learn more about our comfortable, cost-effective, and efficient laser nail fungus services at Revive Medical Spa, book a complementary consultation online or call the office today.

Ardis Schmitt, RN RN, BSN, and CEO Of Revive Medical Spas

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